The center is the main figure in the basketball team. Successive play of the centers is the basis of the whole team success.

From Alexander Gomelskyi book "Centers"(1988)

Center. Nationality - Russian.
Height 214 cm (7'0") ,
weight 116 kg (256 lbs).

Personal details.

Born 08.13. 1971 in Magnitogorsk.
Began to play basketball in the youth basketball school-7 of Rostov-on-Don.


1989-1993.TKZ (Taganrog)
1993-1994.CSKA (Moscow)
1994-1995. Avtodor(Saratov), CSK VVS (Samara)
1995-1996 . CSK VVS(Samara)
1996-1997. UNIKS(Kazan)
1997-1998. UNIKS (Kazan)
1998-1999 " Lietuvos Ritas " (Lithuania, Vilnius)
1999-2000.UNIKS (Kazan)
2000-2001 of "Grodno - 93" (Grodno, Belorussia).


  • THE CHAMPION of RUSSIA 1993/94 with CSKA.
  • In May, 1994 member of Russian national team in USA traning camp.
  • The bronze prize-winner of a championship of Russia and championship of Superleague 1994/95.Third block-shooter in the League. (CSK VVS Samara).
  • The participant of the World student's university game in city Fukuoka(Japan) in 1995.
  • Start in the Russian Superleague of the command UNIKS(Kazan) for the first time in a sports history a city - season 1996/1997. In this season became best in the command on points, rebounds, block-shooter.
  • 5-th place in a championship of Russia and start in Saporta Cup in structure of the command UNIKS(Kazan) per year of a debut UNIKS in Superleague 1997/1998. The second place in the command on all basic statistical parameters.
  • In a season 1998/1999. Became silver the prize-winner of a championship of Lithuania in structure of the command " Lietuvos Ritas " (Vilnius).
  • The winner Cup of Belorussia of 2000.